Monday, March 05, 2007

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Agenda ( 의제, 의사 일정, 협의 사항.)

Native Teacher: Mr. Gray
Korean Teacher: Mr. Lee

Class Homepage:

1. Roll Call
2. Class Schedule & Orientation
3. Fill out name cards.
4. What is your name practice.
5. Worksheet: What is his name?
6. Show my name game.
7. Next Class: Introductions.

What Is Your Name?

Directions: Practice the following dialogs with a partner.

A: Hello. My name is ________________.

What is your name?

B: My name is _______________.

A: 안녕하서요. 저는 _______여요.


B: 저는 ______여요.

이름 (한국) Name (hangul):

Name (romanized or phonetic)

(…에 대한/ …라는) 별명 English Nickname:

Phone Number or email:

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